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Iowa is Fabcon Country

If you’re building in Iowa, you can rest assured you’re in Fabcon Country. Fabcon Precast gives you the speed, versatility and performance of structural precast and the convenience and capacity of two manufacturing facilities. That gives you access to enough capacity to enclose thousands of feet week after week. From data centers to churches, car dealerships to distribution centers and manufacturing facilities… Iowa, we’ve got you covered.


The 73-foot panels used in the construction of the Fridley Theater in Waukee, IA represent a high mark in precast panel manufacturing. You won’t find a taller insulated load-bearing panel anywhere in North America. Fabcon’s unique structural and thermal properties give you a distinct performance advantage that masonry and site-cast construction can’t hope to match.

Fabcon Precast // The complete package; thermal performance up to R-28.2, load-bearing and available in a wide range of finishes with soaring heights.

Site-Cast // Build over 40 feet and you can expect chaos and some serious engineering time.

Masonry // Build over 20 feet and you can expect a long construction cycle and sobering amount of steel.

We're good for business.

We understand the urgency of growth. Manufacturing facilities, breweries, distribution centers, data centers, clinics, retail, ice arenas, fitness centers—you name it, we’ve built it. Whether you’re a commercial architect, a general contractor or the person charged with generating your organization’s growth, Fabcon’s fully-integrated processes will help you get definitive answers concerning cost, timing and design. Go ahead and lean on us…we’re built for it.

Hy-Vee Food Stores  — Des Moines, IA

Fabcon is the go-to provider of precast concrete panels for quality grocers throughout the country, big and small. Fabcon’s work is also highly regarded among independent grocers or franchise locations looking to reinvigorate their businesses with a new store or expand into new territory.

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