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The advantages of construction with precast non-composite panels are many. Structural precast panels have made great strides in both function and aesthetics since they took off in the 1970s, and we continue to push the envelope today.

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By definition, Fabcon manufactures precast non-composite wall panels. It’ll come as no surprise that we’re unabashed advocates for precast construction. It’s a field we helped pioneer nearly 50 years ago, and it’s still all we do. There’s obviously other ways to construct a building, and they all have their place…but let’s take the gloves off and see how other forms of construction stack up.

Fabcon’s structural designation is a critical component—it’s what separates how our buildings go together versus other forms of construction.

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1 — Site-cast panels max out at around 40 ft high.
2 — The weather can wreak havoc on site-cast schedules.
3 — The floor is often damaged in the process of pouring panels, requiring additional cost and time.
4 — Site cast crews are bigger, more expensive and on site considerably longer.
5 — Integrated insulation is difficult. Fabcon’s VersaCore+Green delivers R-values ranging from R-13.6 up to R-28.2.

Challenges of Site-Cast Construction

A site-cast concrete wall system is typically cast on the building’s concrete floor slab or a nearby casting surface. The wall panel is formed and then poured at the job site. Once cured, it is tilted up and temporarily braced until the roof system is installed.


—Site-cast can produce inconsistent quality.
—Rain and cold can alter the wall’s structural integrity, appearance and durability.
—Panel production speed and quality creation is weather-dependent.
—Site-cast panels lack integral insulation. The interior surface must be furred out and insulation glued or tacked to the interior surface.
—Limited aesthetic options when compared to precast.
—Floor slabs are often damaged during the casting process. The required repairs add additional time and cost to the job.
—Site-cast limits other trades’ access to the site and impacts the overall schedule.
—Panels exceeding 40′ pose serious engineering challenges.
—You’re only as good as your ready-mix provider.

By contrast, Fabcon’s panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring proper and consistent curing.

Fabcon’s panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring proper and consistent curing.

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